CONCEPT PAPER: South Asian Cultural Convention Against Imperialism and Communalism -2016

 South Asian Cultural Convention Against Imperialism and Communalism -2016

19-21 February, Dhaka, Bangladesh



The “South Asian Cultural Convention against Imperialism and Communalism” will be arranged by the Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigosthi with a view to strengthen the bilateral and multilateral cultural cooperation as well as the cultural relationship among the South Asian countries. The convention will explore the ideas, views and experiences of the respective countries on cultural struggles against imperialism and communalism. A combined work plan and unanimously approved declaration will be signed in the convention. It may be noted that the convention will consist of opening, closing session as well as plenary sessions.


Sectarian and Racial tension have become rampant worldwide. South Asian countries are not out of this. Tension and violence are fueled among the major religions and at the same time sectarian hatred are also incited. Behind all these conspiracy, there are imperialistic attitudes of some major world powers. They are waging and spreading political, diplomatic, economic, cultural and above all military imperialism in the whole world.

They are creating, training up and arming violent terrorists and extremists in different countries and providing financial supports to them. Imperialistic information system and media is controlling the thinking process of the people of the world by maneuvering world media with orchestrated falsehood and fake information.

If needed they purposefully create mass hysteria. They are destroying the human conscience capturing all the media of the world in various ways. They are eliminating the sense of pluralism and cultivate segregation and selfishness and spreading misogynist attitude and reactionary thinking.

Capitalism has established the inhumane. The normal human qualities are going to fall under the pressure of competitive structure of the economy. War, murder and aggression are the common characteristics of capitalism and imperialism. Now worldwide operations of imperialism have greatly increased.

We need to revitalize the power of culture to save humanity from being plunged into deep chasm. We believe that the foremost duty of art and artist is to lead the society towards the path of enlightenment and to be involved in the welfare of the entire humanity. From this understanding and sense of duty, we the writers, artists and the cultural organizations of South Asian countries feel the necessity to make a common platform for building a well-orchestrated cultural movement.


The main objectives of the convention are:-

  1. To exchange the views on each countries cultural struggle against imperialism and communalism.
  2. To identify the challenges and opportunities to build up and strengthen the bilateral and multilateral cultural cooperation amongst South Asian countries.
  3. To explore the possibilities for establishing a close network among the South Asian countries.
  4. To form a combined South Asian Committee to combat communalism and imperialism.
  5. To sign an unanimously agreed “Dhaka Declaration”.

About Organizer of the Convention: 

Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigosthi, the largest anti-communal, progressive and voluntary organization of Bangladesh, played a significant role in all the democratic and cultural movements of Bangladesh. The Udichi is established on 29th October 1968 by the great revolutionary-artist-cultural activists including Satyen Sen and Ronesh Dasgupta. Since its inception, the organization is motivating the mass people of the country through cultural activities, like song, dance, recitation, drama, film, fine arts and literary works in order to fight all sorts of inequalities. Udichi is working to establish a society where everybody will have equal rights and independence. Udichi follows the path of cultural heritage which is dedicated to the welfare of mass people and society. It is to be mentioned that the Udichi Shilpigosthi received ‘Ekushe Podok 2013’ (the highest national award remembering the language Martyrs) from the government of Bangladesh for its notable contribution to cultural movement. Udichi has more than three hundred branches all over the country, and also branches in USA, UK, Canada, and France.


South Asian Cultural Convention against Communalism and Imperialism

 Program Schedule

19th – 21th February 2016

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Venue: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Dhaka, Bangladesh


 19 February 2016


Time Activities Remarks
10am.-02pm. Registration of all delegates Fee: BDT. 200 only for BD Delegates
04pm-6pm Grand Inaugural Speech by Guests and Country- Representatives.
06pm-8pm Cultural Program Selected organizations








 20 February 2016


Time Activities Remarks
8.00-9.00 Breakfast
9.00am-11.00am Session-1, Presentation of Participating organizations highlighting their History & Activities. Participator details with ppt. presentation
11.00am-11.30am Tea Break
Session-2, Key note Presentation. Subject: “Communalism and Imperialism: Impact on south Asia”
Key note presentation by Bangladesh. Comments on Keynote by participating countries.
01pm.-02.00 Lunch Break
02.00-04.30pm Session-3, Work out Action plan to resist Communalism and Imperialism through cultural movement and form a common South Asian platform for its execution. To make a common platform Tea Break
5.00-8.30 Cultural program/ Film show
8.30pm-9.30pm Dinner


 21  February 2016

Time Activities Remarks
7.00am-12.00pm Offering Floral Wreath to Central Shahid Minar in honour of Language Martyrs & visit Bangla Academy Book Fair Morning rally from TSC, Dhaka University Lunch Break -03.00pm Session-4, signing of the Dhaka Declaration by all participating cultural leadership. -4.00pm Dhaka declaration on open program Open declaration for presenting journalist & general peoples
04pm-8.30pm Closing Ceremony with grand cultural program

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